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CEO Exchange

CEO Exchange

Date: March, 2024

Location: TBA

Are Your People Driving Your Profit to the Max? Forget everything you’ve learned about going from good to great, all the myths about creating greatness in a large scale corporate environment. There’s no magic wand or deeply dug secret.

Here’s the real truth: it’s not just about getting the right people on the bus, it’s about putting them in the right seat, with the right vision. Positioning is critical to the growth of your business and your success is based on creating a solid framework of leadership and empowering your people. It’s people driving profit, that’s what will help you make the leap from good to great.

Meridian clients beat the industry average profit gain by 4.3 times the industry norm and this is your chance to learn how and then use that profit gain for the significance you crave. Get the latest strategies, develop an even more efficient team and gain the ability to outpace your competitors.

The CEO Exchange is designed for Petro Owners and CEOs (or active GMs or next generation owners) making strategic direction decisions. The title isn’t as important so much as the level of responsibility.

At this event you will:

  • Create vital networks via high quality peer-to-peer with non-competing owner interaction
  • Get a serious eye-opener on the communication NOT happening in your organization with pain-free fixes from one of the world’s leading business speakers
  • Discover the secret great football teams know and practice that instantly creates unity
  • Find executable petro-specific strategies with action steps for measurable results
  • Leave with a written plan to make more money


Why the CEO Exchange is different than any other event you’ll attend…

“I walked away from CEO Exchange with specific ideas to improve the profitability and cohesiveness of our business to the tune of 6 figures.”  –Bill Gallager, Offen Petroleum

The CEO Exchange brings together non-competing owners to exchange ideas and strategies in an environment where you’ll discuss your most pressing questions and the hottest topics in the industry today. You will have the opportunity to work with other owners where you will discover solutions that translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue or savings.

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Topics from previous round table discussions include:

  • Make high volume, low margin customers more profitable
  • Create a consistent cash flow during slower months
  • Ensure your business runs like a well-oiled machine when you’re not there
  • Solve internal communication slowdowns or breakdowns
  • Meet project deadlines faster
  • Have your team constantly generating multiple ideas to drive extra revenue to existing profit centers
  • Find and assess potential diversification ideas
  • Any many more…

Plus there is always time for networking; you’ll be amazed at some of the deals that are generated at the CEO Exchange.

We are committed to giving you the personal attention you deserve so you can reach your profit goals, so seats are limited. Don’t be disappointed: Click To Call 800-728-9005.

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