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How You Can Use Metrics and Dashboards to Encourage Top Performance

You’ve got the right people in the right positions. Now what? To get peak performance out of your people, you need reachable targets and the ability to show progress. Learn how to use the Meridian Method™ to turbocharge your team by using personal dashboards and...

Reduce Employee Turnover

What business owner or manager has not dreamed of having perfect employees? You know, the ones that come to work every day on time, perform their job competently and correctly, and stay with you for years. You can significantly reduce your turnover using these steps....

Love, Hate or Habit

There is nothing more fascinating to me than family company dynamics. I’ve spent the past two decades smack in the middle of family issues within this industry saturated with 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th generation owners. I’ve experienced first-hand the various degrees...

Is There a Right Time to Cash Out?

Should you sell your company today, sometime next year, maybe in five or ten years, or never? Several large players are making tempting cash offers to marketers who previously wouldn’t have dreamed of selling. Rarely a week goes by there isn’t trade press about...

Stand Out From The Crowd

One of the most critical questions any petroleum company executive should be able to answer is “What makes your company different and better than your competitors?” Unfortunately, many marketers see themselves in the commodity market and don’t have a differentiating...

Maximize Company Value at Exit

At some point in time, every marketer needs an exit strategy. For some, the family business will be gifted or sold to future generations. For others, however, they are counting on a fair price from an outside party for their years of hard work and...

Where is Your Focus?

What is the one thing you want most to get accomplished or know you need to do in your business?  I bet you know exactly what that is. Think of that project. If I  asked you if you and your team work on that project daily, could you honestly reply "yes"? If...

9 Marketing Missing Links Costing You Revenue

I began chuckling when a petroleum marketer told me he found it terribly funny and ironic that the weakest link in his business was actual marketing when he calls himself “a marketer!” I understood what he meant and as he laughed and lamented I assured him he is not...

Marketers Admit Failing Miserably at Marketing!

No one wants to fail at anything, but I invite you to find out if you are failing at marketing (along with a lot of your peers) by answering these three questions: Do you know exactly where your best leads come from? Can you tell me how much you spend in marketing to...

Selling Your Company: Asset Transaction or Stock Transaction?

At Meridian we are faced with this question on a daily basis: “I want to sell my company; should I sell the assets or should I sell the stock?” The correct answer is not easily determined until the selling business is thoroughly analyzed, both buyers’ and sellers’...

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