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Focus On Competitive Advantage

When it comes to maintaining a competitive edge for your petroleum business, there’s no magic wand that will grant your company unbridled success, but there is Meridian’s Focus on Competitive Advantage! This informative 3-day group seminar is geared toward harnessing the full power of your people and your business. Read More

Exec MM Group

As always, an honor to serve you and enjoy your company! If there is anything you want to post, just email it to me. Thanks! Read More

Focus On Strategic Selling

Meridian’s “Focus on Strategic Selling” program provides a unique opportunity for sales professionals in the petroleum industry to master tangible sales skills that help them close quicker, have more intelligent business conversations with customers, and maximize revenue by selling on ‘value’ not ‘price’. Read More

Future Petro Owner

Profit and cash don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Learn the banker’s method of cash flow to analyze what is happening to your cash and why! Then, Betsi will walk you through specific proven ways to increase your actual cash balance! Read More

The CEO Exchange

Are Your People Driving Your Profit to the Max? Forget everything you’ve learned about going from good to great, all the myths about creating greatness in a large scale corporate environment. There’s no magic wand or deeply dug secret. Read More

Women in Family Business

If you are an Owner, CEO, President, CFO, HR Manager, Controller, Vice President, Credit Manager, or have employees that report to you, this is your event – for women only – to network, get industry intel and take you and your team to the next level of success. Read More

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