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Day 2 Employee Mini-Course

Employee Mini-Course: Day 2

Problem Employee #1 Motivated but Not Talented


Meridian’s Lesley Merlino talks about using the Meridian Method™ to become a magnet for the best hires.

What you’ll learn:
– How to create effective programs and incentives
– How to implement fair and balanced systems of accountability
– How to make successful hiring decisions

Get the Best Team by Having the Best Company Culture

Creating a positive and rewarding company culture will help you attract and retain the best employees. Register for our Petro Employees Webinar below to learn how!!!


3/12/20211:30pm CST15 minutes
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3/12/20211:30pm CST15 minutes

Join us for straight talk on how your family Petro business can implement the Meridian Method™ and change the course of  your business forever.

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