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Family Business Coaching for Petro Marketers

Family business coaching for Petro businesses through courses, live forums, expert articles, and other tools! 

Check out what you already missed by not being a PetroAnswers member:

  • Live Forums That Solve Challenges Such as Driver Shortages
  • Exclusive Articles That Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage
  • Extensive Learning Modules that Accelerate Sales and Boost Profit
Advanced Marketing Strategies 2.0
Petro Web Classes

Gain access to Petro training courses that focus on increasing operational productivity, leadership, and generational continuity.

Petro Tactics Videos

Learn Petro tips and tactics from industry expert Betsi Bixby with her weekly training videos.

Live Monthly Petro Forums

The tactics and networking in PetroAnswers Hot Topic Forum are a huge return on your family business ROI.

Get the Highest Return on Your Investment
Your Family Petro All-In-One Solution
Take a closer look at all the membership tools, tactics, and courses PetroAnswers can offer your family Petro business.  Does your family Petro business need additional live forums specific to job role and responsibility?  Does your family Petro team need online training for sales or marketing?  Compare what PetroAnswers’ memberships have to offer and ensure that your family Petro business is getting the highest return on your investment.  Click here to become a member!
PetroAnswers Membership
Per Month
Petro Tactic Videos
Hot Topic Live Forum
Quarterly Training Classes
Live Monthly Forums
Over 300 Petro Articles
Petro Team Learning Portal
Access to All Learning Courses
Archive of Live Forums
What Family Petro Businesses get with a PetroAnswers Membership
what Our members Say
“Every dollar I have spent working with Betsi Bixby and her Meridian staff has been returned to me tenfold.”

– Bill Rawson

Cardwell Distributing, Midvale UT

PA Resources 
Monthly Forums
Petro Articles
Petro Courses
Resources and Tools for PetroAnswers Members
Live Forums
Interact with fellow petro marketers in the Petro Industry to find out what’s working and what’s not. It’s amazing what you can learn when you get great minds together to brainstorm!
Ask the Expert
Need help with a pressing problem? Ask our experts and get a response fast!

Educational Resources
Visit our ever-growing library of more than 300 industry-specific articles and reports. You’ll love how easy it is to find exactly what you’re looking for.
Interactive Live Webinars
Meridian founder Betsi Bixby and guest speakers discuss up-to-the-minute changes in the Petro Industry – and how to make them work for your business.
Best Practice Tools
If you want to do great work, you’ve got to have the right tools. Help yourself to our “High Cost of Slow Pay” calculator, “True Cost of Discounted Vendor Terms,” and much more.
Forms & Documentation
Our assortment of critical business materials includes sample credit applications, collection letters and a whole lot more.